A Trip to NYC Because of You! 👓
A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Lynch and our Optical Manager, Drew, took a trip to the city that never sleeps. They attended Vision Expo East at the Javits Convention Center in NYC.

It’s where eyecare professionals go to expand their knowledge of eyewear, fashion, and innovation within the industry.

Drew said, “It’s massive,” when describing the convention center, the number of vendors in attendance, and the number of eyecare professionals that showed up.

“There were thousands of people,” Drew said.

As it turns out, Dr. Lynch and Drew took the trip… because of you.

“Not only did we get the chance to see what’s new when it comes to eyewear technology and innovation – we also had the chance to listen to some incredible speakers discuss the future of the eyecare industry, “Drew said. “And that really helps us streamline and improve our service and care for our patients.”

Dr. Lynch and Drew sat in on a two-hour lecture that focused solely on you – patient care.

“We went to improve things on our end. We’re always looking to improve because we truly want to provide the most thorough care possible without wasting our patients’ time,” Drew added.

“One of the most critical things we do with our patients is focused around communication – right down to making an appointment online, in just a few clicks,” Drew said.

That leads us to this…

If you’d like to learn more about the key takeaways Dr. Lynch and Drew returned to BayState Eye Center with, tap the button below and schedule your next eye exam in just a few clicks!

Your health is and always will be our top priority.

From all of us at BayState Eye Center,
Thank you so much!