We have new state-of-the-art technology at our Mansfield and Plymouth practices.

It’s called Neurolens.

Here’s what it can help with:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Daily neck & back pain
  • Dry & irritated eyes
  • Eye strain

The above are common symptoms of eye misalignment.

So think of Neurolens as “braces for your eyes”. The powerful prescription lens helps comfortably realign them.


Recent studies show HUGE benefits for almost everyone who rocks Neurolens. In fact, Neurolens nearly eliminated ALL symptoms of eye misalignment for more than 90% of patients! More than 80% of patients who suffer from chronic headaches reported significantly reduced symptoms after wearing Neurolens.

And get this, people who suffered specifically from digital eye strain, reported 100% improvement after wearing them.

A lot of people can benefit from this new, game-changing technology. About 2-out-of 3 people have symptoms of eye misalignment.

If you’re one of them, and are ready to ditch the headaches, back pain, or irritated eyes, tap the button below to schedule an appointment and take advantage of Neurolens. And don’t worry – If you usually go to our Bridgewater or Easton locations, and would like to take advantage of Neurolens, feel free to schedule an appointment at our Mansfield or Plymouth office!

We’re so happy to offer this powerful state-of-the-art technology to you and your family. It really is a game changer. Your health is, and always will be, our number one priority.

Thanks for being part of the BayState Eye Center family!

P.S. Dr. Lynch just returned from a mission to Jamaica. He and a team of volunteers helped thousands of people with their vision and health needs. We’ll share his memorable experience soon!