Dr. Lynch: A man on a mission (to Jamaica)

Dr. Lynch is a man on a mission. He and his wife, Alison, recently returned from Jamaica. They were part of a team that spent six days helping hundreds of people see better. Here’s the team photo…

Can you spot Dr. Lynch?! This group of good people provided eye exams and health evaluations to more than 1,600 Jamaicans. They handed out 1,600 pairs of sunglasses and nearly 1,000 pairs of glasses. Thank you so much to all of our loyal BayState Eye Center patients who made donations! There were five ophthalmologists in the group that ended up performing more than 200 surgeries and procedures. That number included 42 cataract surgeries, 150 glaucoma laser procedures, 20 diabetic retinopathy procedures and 1 retinal detachment surgery.

The retinal laser was available for the first time on this trip  - and one man was especially thankful for that. During his eye exam with Dr. Lynch, he said he had lost vision in one eye about a month ago. He blamed a new pair of glasses for the vision loss. So, Dr. Lynch dilated his eyes and quickly realized it wasn’t his glasses. Yes, he had lost vision in one eye due to a retina detachment and it turns out, he had a retinal detachment starting in the other! Had the man not gone to see Dr. Lynch, he would’ve ended up losing vision in both eyes. But because Dr. Lynch spotted the issue immediately, the team was able to perform retinal detachment laser surgery - and prevent the man from going blind. That’s something Dr. Lynch admits will stick with him for a long time.

That’s why he and the BayState Eye Center team go on these missions.

It’s part of our bigger mission, which is:

All of us at BayState Eye Center strive to provide a caring environment where people feel valued, important, and respected. Our office offers the most up-to-date technologies and product options to provide your clearest vision, now and in the future.

This mission expands beyond our offices in Mansfield and Plymouth. We want to help people around the world - and we hope that makes you proud to be a BayState Eye Center patient.

Oh, and if you couldn’t spot Dr. Lynch in the first photo, no worries. Here’s a shot of him at work.