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From Vision Therapy to X-Ray Vision!

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Meet David.

For as long as David can remember, he suffered from double-vision.

I had it for so long, I just thought it was a normal thing,” he said.

That was until he had a routine eye exam with Dr. Sarah Williams. David also had one eye that looked to the side.

She told me about a few options that could help. One of them was surgery and another was Vision Therapy,” David said.

He added, “I wasn’t sure what Vision Therapy was, but Dr. Williams’ confidence in its ability to work made me feel confident, too.

In short, Vision Therapy is the science of achieving clear and comfortable vision. It’s a fully customized plan – including eye exercises – that improves and strengthens brain-eye communication of a person’s visual system.

So, in February 2022, David began Vision Therapy under the expertise of Dr. Williams.

As the days, weeks, and months went by, David noticed steady improvement with his double-vision. Then, in June of this year, David’s double-vision was no more. And that one eye that looked to the side – now looked straight ahead.

I can look in the mirror and both eyes are looking straight forward instead of toward the side. My confidence and day-to-day life have greatly improved,” David said.

He admits there were times when he felt discouraged because he wasn’t making progress as fast as he hoped, “But Dr. Williams told me to trust the process and I’m glad I did,” he said.

Check this out. They’re the before-and-after images of David’s eyes:

David encourages anyone in a similar situation to give Vision Therapy serious consideration. “It can change your life for the better. You’re never too old to start.

Vision Therapy could be for you if you experience any of the following:

  • eye strain
  • headaches
  • double vision
  • difficulty catching a ball

Binocular vision issues have symptoms that would benefit from a comprehensive binocular exam. Dr. Williams specializes in binocular vision and provides those services under her company, Optocize, which partnered with Bay Eye Center. If, during a routine eye exam, our doctor’s tests show a binocular dysfunction they can refer you to Dr Williams at Optocize.

When asked about Dr. Williams, David offered these kind words, “I think without her, without her enthusiasm and trusting her, I wouldn’t have the vision and confidence I have today. She’s just so positive and caring. She’s a beautiful soul.

And how about this?

David is working to become an x-ray technician. So you might say he’s going from Vision Therapy to X-ray vision 🙂

If you or someone you know could benefit from Vision Therapy, Dr. Williams can help.

Give us a call or schedule an exam in just a few clicks below.

We couldn’t be happier for David!

From all of us at Bay Eye Center,

Thank you and we hope your summer is going great!

P.S. Vision Therapy typically includes specific programs to treat:

  • Convergence Insufficiency
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Strabismus (crossed-eyes)
  • Double vision
  • Eye teaming and tracking problems
  • Focusing difficulties
  • Eye fatigue
  • Depth perception and 3D vision difficulties
  • Hand-eye coordination difficulties
  • Visual perception and processing issues