How A Pair Of Glasses Made A Man Cry

As you may know by now, BayState Eye Center is on a mission to help people see better, not only in southeastern Massachusetts, but across the world. Last month, one of our employees traveled to Antigua, as part of our mission. Tori Rush boarded a flight in Boston on the morning of August 22nd. Eight hours and one layover later, she landed in Antigua. Then it was time to help.




Tori, and a team of good-hearted people, handed out 2,300 pairs of sunglasses…


1,800 pairs of reading glasses…


And 300 pairs of custom glasses.

But of the thousands of people Tori helped during her mission, there’s one man she says she’ll never forget. He was an older gentleman who needed reading glasses. When Tori and the team handed him his pair…He put them on, started reading a piece of paper…And began to cry. He stepped aside, because there was a line of people behind him. With tears in his eyes, he began to say, “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Now I can read to my wife.” Those words will stick with Tori forever.


Those are the moments and memories that make our mission trips worth every second - and we couldn’t do it without you.


The gift of sight is the greatest gift you can give someone.


That’s why we’re already looking forward to our next mission: Jamaica, October 2019


If you’d like to help give the gift of sight, and support our next mission, here’s how:


    1. Buy a new pair of glasses! A small amount of money from the sale of each pair of glasses goes toward funding our volunteer missions
    2. You can donate glasses (or sunglasses) that we can bring with us
    3. Monetary donations are also accepted at our Mansfield & Plymouth office


This was Tori’s second eye care mission. She went to Mexico earlier this year, with Dr. Lynch and Barbara.

 You can read about that mission right here.

 Tori has a big heart and a busy schedule. She works at our Mansfield office full-time. She is our pre-tester. She helps get patients, like you, ready to see our optometrists. Tori also goes to school full-time. She started at the University of Auburn and is now taking online courses at Colorado State - to earn a communications degree.


Here are three other things you might not know about Tori:


    1. She’s a huge college football fan (Auburn Tigers)
    2. She grew up in Wales, United Kingdom 
    3. She has a three-year-old chocolate lab named Zenia


Here she is…


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Helping people see better is at the heart of what we do, and why we do it.

From all of us at BayState Eye Center,

Thank you