In honor of Women’s History Month…

March is Women’s History Month.

So we just want to recognize a few important people who strive to make your experience with us the very best it can be – every single visit.

But first, we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Gertrude Stanton.

She became the first woman to become a licensed optometrist back in 1901.

Dr Gertrude Stanton

Dr. Gertrude Stanton (Credit: American Optometric Association)

She started as an in-store optometrist at Dayton’s Department Store in Minnesota. From there, she opened her own storefront and owned an optical business run entirely by women. In fact, her daughter was one of her employees.

You can read more about Dr. Gertrude Stanton right here.

When it comes to BayState Eye Center, we have our own AMAZING team of women who have decades of experience helping people see better.

You can read about Maria here. She’s one of our opticians in Plymouth who has been in the business since 1989. Read the story about the huge tuna she reeled in off the coast one day.

Our New Optician Maria Owens

Maria Owens

You can also get to know one of our newest optometrists, Dr. Sarah Williams! She sees patients in Mansfield and Easton. She played college tennis. To see how fast her serve was, tap here to read her story.

New mom sarah plays tennis

Dr. Sarah Williams

There’s also Dr. Joyce Rached! She’s a new mother to a beautiful baby boy. Tap here to read about her traditional Lebanese wedding with 450 of her closest friends and family.

Dr Joyce Rached and her new husband Jabar

Dr. Joyce Rached and her husband Jabar

Dr. Donna Zhang joined our team during the pandemic. She helps patients see better at our Mansfield office. Tap here to read about the Sharon native’s inspiration for becoming an eye doctor. Here’s a hint: her grandfather played a huge role.

Dr Donna Zhang

Dr. Donna Zhang

Sarah Morgan is our incredible Practice Manager! Let’s just say she has a passion for helping people – and her “eye” for photography is impressive. Tap here to check out some of the amazing images she has captured over the years.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan

Then there’s Amanda Fernandes. This loving mother joined our team 13 years ago and has become a caring leader on our team. Tap here to read how a routine eye exam with Dr. Lynch changed her career path!

Amanda Fernandes How our patient became one of our leaders

Amanda Fernandes

There’s also Alyssa. She recently attended a mission trip with Dr. Lynch to help people see better across the world. Alyssa just has a calling to help others. Tap here to read about the everlasting friendship she created with one of the people she helped in Mexico.

Alyssa Asamoa

Alyssa Asamoa

These are just a few of the amazing women who make BayState Eye Center so special.

If we haven’t seen you in a while, it might be time for your annual eye exam.

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To all of the amazing women, we wish you a happy International Women’s Month.