Marisa's Story

Our Practice Manager’s Personal Battle

Today’s email is about Marisa Pitts, our Practice Manager, at BayState Eye Center. If you’ve visited our Mansfield office over the last seven years, you’ve likely seen her. Here she is with her husband.

Marisa is responsible for making sure our staff executes our mission every single day. It’s to provide a caring environment where you feel valued, important and respected. And to offer product options to give you your clearest vision, now and in the future. You are the reason Marisa, and the rest of the BayState Eye Center team, come to work every day. And while Marisa does everything she can to make sure our team puts your health first…
She’s fighting her own health battle.
Marisa was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis nearly 10 years ago. But you wouldn’t know it if you saw her at work. "I've been battling MS for almost ten years. It's a complicated fight. Everyone's journey with this disease is different and I am definitely luckier than most, but no matter my pain or symptoms, I don't let it define me," she said. Most people don’t know about Marisa’s courageous fight. Courage. That’s just one of the many reasons why she’s the leader of our team. So, while we have your attention, we’d like to share a few other things you might not know about Marisa. When asked what she likes to do outside of work, she said she likes spending as much time as possible with her family. After learning what you just found out about her… are you really surprised by that answer? We aren’t, either.

Here’s Marisa with her family.

Here’s another thing about her… She gets pumped up for everything pumpkin! Well, Marisa… the season is right around the corner! And here’s something else… She can sing a tune or two. In fact, she started performing when she was eight-years-old! She sang right through high school and beyond. It was a big part of her life at the time. She mostly sang show tunes and Broadway songs. And when it comes to pitch - she says she’s either an alto or soprano.

So, there you have it…A few things you probably didn’t know about the leader of our team. When we started sending emails every 10 days, back on April 1st, one of our goals was to make sure you get to know our team personally, not just professionally. This email is perhaps one of the most personal yet. So, the next time you visit our Mansfield office, make sure to say hello to Marisa… if she doesn’t say hi to you first. And hey, she might even sing you a song!

From all of us at BayState Eye Center,
Thank you