Meet Dr. Geller (at our new office!)

We’d like to introduce you to Dr. Sherman Geller.

Here he is with his wife - proud parents of five grown daughters. They also have seven grandchildren!


As you may know, BayState Eye Center recently opened a new office in Bridgewater. It is located at 54 Broad Street, which used to be the Plymouth-Bridgewater Eye Care building.

Dr. Geller owned that practice for 42 years. Yes, 42 years!

As you can imagine, he built up quite the bond with the people of Bridgewater over the decades. 

“Over the years, my patients have given just as much to me as I’ve given to them. They’ve become like family. I really appreciate the friendships I’ve made,” Dr. Geller said. 

His patients kept asking about him as we were making some minor upgrades to the building.

We were thrilled to tell them Dr. Geller wasn’t going anywhere. He is now part of the BayState Eye Center family!

So… what do you need to know about Dr. Geller?

He’s experienced, professional, and passionate about helping people.

His patients are loyal to him and he is loyal to his patients.

He’s a huge seafood fan and his favorite restaurant is Solstice in Kingston.

He’s lived in Plymouth for decades.

And he has a pet poodle named Gus.

We’re super excited Dr. Geller is part of our team now. 

And so is he!

“Dr. Lynch and his staff are great. I’m happy to be part of the team and continue seeing my patients and new patients,” Dr. Geller said.

He did admit it was a little eye opening to walk inside the building with a different name on the front of it.

“The first time I walked in, it was weird,” he laughed. “But they did a great job with it.”

Dr. Geller also loves being on the water - whether he’s on a boat or building docks! He and his wife also love to hike and take in some fresh air.

We hope you learned a little something about our new teammate.

If our new Bridgewater office is more convenient for you, just let us know!

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Geller or Dr. Rached (pictured on the left, below). She’ll be caring for patients in Bridgewater and Mansfield.


Haven’t had an eye exam in a while?


We’d love to see you again! Choose the office most convenient for you and give us a call right now. 


Bridgewater: 508-697-8001 | Mansfield: 508-339-7600 | Plymouth: 508-747-2020 

From all of us at BayState Eye Center,

Thanks for being part of our family!


P.S. The picture of Dr. Geller and his wife was taken at Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies