We’d like to introduce you to Maria Owens.

She’s one of our awesome opticians based in our Plymouth practice.

Our New Optician Maria Owens

Our New Optician Maria Owens

Maria is an amazing & experienced member of our team. She has been an optician since 1989. She has her uncle to thank for that.

Back in the day, he had his own practice in South Boston. He told Maria she was going to be an optician – and that she couldn’t quit for at least six months.

Well… it has been 33 years (396 months) and she still hasn’t quit!

So as you might imagine, we are VERY excited to have an experienced, friendly, and passionate person in our BayState Eye Center family.

Here’s something really cool about Maria… Her family used to own a charter fishing company in Plymouth. They still own a couple of boats. Maria enjoys deep-sea fishing.

Her biggest catch ever?

A 78-pound tuna that took about 45 minutes to reel in!

Tuna Fish in the ocean

Not the actual tuna

Maria has tons of fish tales to tell you.

So make sure you say hello to her the next time you visit us.

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