Optos Retinal Imaging

The Optos imaging technology allows us to give our patients a more thorough health evaluation. It is important to detect problems in the eye, like diabetes, macular degeneration, melanoma, bleeding, hypertensive retinopathy and glaucoma before they cause loss of vision. Optos can be done as an alternative to dilation in most cases and is an integral part for detecting blinding eye diseases. It also allows us to educate our patients on the importance of eye health by showing you on an image what we are seeing.  

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Healthy Retina

Diabetic changes

This image shows bleeding and changes to the retina in a patient with diabetes. Many diabetics do not notice any changes in their vision but have similar changes to their retinas. Optos imaging can detect these changes and help us monitor them over time.

Retinal detachment

Many patients with retinal detachments have symptoms like floating spots in their vision and/or flashing lights. However, some patients have no symptoms. Yearly Optos imaging can detect a retinal detachment or retinal tear, which can lead to a detachment. When detected with Optos, detachments are tears can be treated promptly to prevent blindness.

Optic nerve swelling

Optic nerve swelling can be caused by brain tumors, aneurysms, increased pressure in the fluid around the brain, and other serious medical conditions. This can be detected on a routine eye exam with Optos imaging. We also use Optos to monitor swelling over time.

Choroidal melanoma

Choroidal melanoma is a type of cancer that occurs inside the eye. Optos imaging can detect melanoma during a routine visit even when there are no symptoms. This allows prompt treatment for this life-threatening condition.