Our employee nearly had a stroke: How Dr. Lynch helped

This story is about our amazing employee, Sarah Morgan. 


She’s the Director of Operations at BayState Eye Center. She works at our Plymouth office.


This story proves the power of Optos and demonstrates the true instinct & expertise of Dr. Lynch.


Here’s Optos…



And here’s Dr. Lynch…



One day last summer, Sarah noticed a blurry spot in her vision. Wherever she looked, it followed. It was unusual for her, so she decided to take action. 


So she sat down in front of our Optos technology and one of our techs captured some images of her eyes. 


Moments later, Dr. Lynch examined the images… and he didn’t like what he discovered. 


Dr. Lynch noticed swelling along the nerves of Sarah’s left eye. That’s usually a sign of having higher-than-normal blood pressure. There was only one way to confirm that. So Dr. Lynch checked Sarah’s blood pressure. 


It was extremely high.


That’s when Sarah went to the ER. Thankfully, the hospital is a stone’s throw away from our Plymouth office. 


Doctors and nurses confirmed Dr. Lynch’s findings. Then they started their mission to get Sarah’s blood pressure to a normal level. 


It took three days. 


Sarah spent three days in the hospital… with no visitors allowed due to the pandemic. 


She said it was an “eye opening” experience.


It changed her life.


“Optos and Dr. Lynch essentially saved me from having a stroke,” Sarah said.


Since that scary summer stay in the hospital, Sarah has changed her lifestyle - her diet, her exercise routine, and her way of thinking about health, in general. 


In fact, Sarah has lost 40 pounds since that day! To say we’re proud of her is an understatement.




Sarah’s blood pressure and blood sugar is also under control now. She also regained full vision in her left eye. 


So when you see her, and she admits people don’t recognize her sometimes, make sure you say hello and congratulations! 


That’s the power of Optos.

That’s the expertise of Dr. Lynch and every staff member at BayState Eye Center.


We put Sarah’s health first - and we put your health first… forever & always.


Getting an eye exam can diagnose otherwise hidden health dangers. So make sure to schedule an appointment with us. 


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Peace-of-mind is important.


We’re here to help.


From all of us at BayState Eye Center,

Stay happy and healthy!