Our new employee is a race car champion (not kidding)

During the week, you’ll see our new Optical Manager at our Mansfield office, dressed like this…

Racecare Champion

But come Saturday night, Andrew Kun takes off his tie and trades it for his helmet and racing gear.

Racecare champ

Yup, that’s him.  Our new employee is a race car champion.

Racecare champ bay state

Andrew has the need for speed.  The licensed optician has raced at Seekonk Speedway for the past six years.  He has eight wins and two championships under his belt.  No big deal.  He just hops behind the wheel, weaves through 15-20 cars at 100 miles per hour, and takes the checkered flag.  He takes the prize money and trophy.. and humbly returns to work on Monday morning.  Ask him about it the next time you visit us.

Andrew has always loved cars.  He thanks his dad for that - who has been a mechanic his entire life.  The race car champ says he wouldn’t be doing what he loved at BayState Eye Center, without his family.  Shortly after high school, his sister encouraged him to enroll in an apprenticeship at the North Attleboro eye center at Walmart.

Fast forward 13 years.  Andrew is now our Optical Manager.  He admits he uses his driving skills at work. Just like his precision on the track, Andrew is very strategic and technical when it comes to helping our patients find the perfect pair of glasses.


His subtle specialty is in the fine details.

The frame selection…

The lens coating…

Cutting and measuring each frame to fit the faces of our perfect patients.

Andrew is in charge of the process, from the green flag to the checkered one.

Not to mention, the process will fly by, so you can continue with your day.

He’s fast.


So if you haven’t had an eye exam in a while, or you need a new pair of designer eyeglasses, it’s time to come visit us.