Patient: “It was horrible.”

Debra has been a BayState Eye Center patient for many years.
The Wareham grandmother wore glasses for decades. So when she noticed her vision had become cloudy and dim, even when wearing glasses, she knew something was up.
That’s when she called Dr. Lynch.
It didn’t take long for him to tell Debra she had cataracts.

“It was horrible. Everything was cloudy and not bright enough,” Debra said.

Dr. Lynch told her she should look into getting cataract surgery.

“He explained the procedure so well, in a very caring manner. He told me what to expect during the surgery, and the outcome it would bring,” Debra said.

That was two years ago.

Debra considered it, but admits she was nervous and hesitant. So she lived with cloudy and blurry vision for the next two years.
Then one day, it hit her. Debra decided to have the surgery.

“It just got to the point where something had to be done,” she said.

So Debra went to the specialist Dr. Lynch recommended.

“I was extremely nervous, but they made me feel so comfortable,” she said.

Debra had one eye done in July, and the other in August.
She tells us her vision has never been better!

“I am ecstatic. I just can’t believe how well I can see now.”Debra went on with a smile, “I am so thankful and grateful Dr. Lynch suggested it. It changed my life.”

Debra wanted to share a message for anyone else living with cataracts.



“If you’re able to have the surgery, and you can do it, I think it’s the best thing to do. I feel better about myself and my vision is truly better than it ever has been.”

We are so happy to hear that!

If you’ve noticed any changes in your vision, it may be time for a quick exam. Even if you haven’t, routine eye exams can help detect otherwise hidden health hazards.


- The BayState Eye Center team