She could’ve been face-to-face with a bear!

We hired her and two weeks later the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

It was a tough time to start a new job.

Not too long after she joined us, BayState Eye Center had to essentially shut down for several weeks.

But that’s when Cassie Hains, our new licensed optician, took advantage of every single minute.

Our Optical Manager, Drew, trained Cassie during those weeks. She learned the ins and outs of what BayState Eye Center strives to do every single day, for every single patient. 

Cassie helps patients select the perfect pair of glasses, lenses, and frames at our Mansfield office. 

Here she is with her husband on a hike...

Turns out, there was a specific moment in time that made Cassie realize she wanted to help people see better. 

Her father became partially blind. It happened when Cassie was in high school.

She says, had he gotten a diagnosis and treatment earlier, he might not have lost that vision.

And that’s when and why she knew she wanted to work in eyecare. 

We’re thrilled to have Cassie on our team. Her passion to help people see better is easy to see.

So the next time you’re in our Mansfield office, make sure to say hello to Cassie. 

And don’t forget to ask her about the time she and her husband decided to quickly end a camping trip in the White Mountains after finding evidence of a bear nearby. 

She could’ve ended up face-to-face with a bear, had she hung around much longer. 

Thankfully, that wild encounter never happened. 

Cassie has had some memorable moments in the White Mountains. It’s also where her husband proposed to her a few years ago! Ask her about that story, too.


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