She drove with an eyepatch: How Dr. Lynch helped

Joan had double vision.

She had surgery to correct it, but she slowly noticed it returning.
Last summer, it got to the point where she had to wear an eyepatch just so she could drive.

“I noticed I was driving with one eye shut more often than I was comfortable with. For safety reasons, I put it on.”
At the time, the quick fix was wearing the eyepatch.

But eventually, it caught up to her.

“It’s very tiring to drive with an eyepatch on. It’s a lot of strain.”

So last month, Joan decided to give us a call.

“Dr. Lynch spent a lot of time with me to make sure everything worked out.”

Dr. Lynch recommended Joan try a special lens to correct her double vision - and they worked.

“It was an immediate relief. I was able to drive with both eyes again. Thank you, Dr. Lynch!”

Not only was Joan safer behind the wheel, she was able to enjoy the things she loves most.
She spends winters in Arizona, where she loves to hike.

“It’s very important to have good vision walking down the mountains,” she said.

Joan also has season tickets to the University of Arizona’s basketball team. And you need good vision for that, too.

“I can also watch TV again. If I wanted to watch Netflix, I had to watch it on my Macbook rather than TV, but not anymore.”

We’re happy we were able to help Joan get the freedom back that she lost when wearing an eyepatch.

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- The BayState Eye Center team