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It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Some people love the holiday. Some people don’t. Candy hearts, anyone?



Regardless of how you feel about Valentine’s Day, it got us thinking about how much we love doing what we do for you. Thank you for knowing us, liking us, and trusting us. It means a lot. And for that... Yes. We love you. Do you love us, too?

Are you willing to write a quick testimonial about how much you love us? If so, here’s the link to tap and show us some love!

Tap the link. Scroll down a little bit. You'll see the word, "Reviews" right above the "Start" button. Tap "Reviews". Tap the number of stars you rate us (hopefully five!), and share your experience!

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Plain and simple, we want more patients like you - and sharing your experience helps us do that! Thank you so much for being an important member of our BayState Eye Center family.