The Dry Eye Show


While the offices were closed to regular care during Covid 19, Dr Lynch was busy preparing for opening and helping in any way he could.  He was featured on the Dry Eye Show to talk about blepharitis which causes dry, irritated eyes.  Watch this interview to learn more.


Did you know how important having enough tears is? They do all kinds of helpful things each day to keep your eyes healthy, including removing anything that shouldn’t be there and warding off infections. According to the American Optometric Association, dry eyes happen when patients do not produce enough tears or the tears they produce are not good enough.

Our doctors at BayState Eye Center recognize how troublesome this condition can be and have many options for you that will help!


Are you experiencing any symptoms of dry eyes? Here are some symptoms to for:

-stinging, burning and itching


-a sandy or gritty feeling, or feeling like something is in the eye

-blurred vision

-light sensitivity

-eye fatigue

-excess watering/tearing

-eye pain

-contact lens irritation/intolerance


See our Dry Eye page for more information on dry eyes and all your treatment options! So don’t cry about it, book an appointment with us today!