We’d like to introduce you to Cindy.

this changed everything

(Don’t worry! This is only a training exercise)

She is a new BayState Eye Center patient. Cindy was a nurse for 10 years, including at the height of COVID.

Since then, Cindy has shifted to the insurance industry. She admits she stares at computers all day long – and it has impacted her vision.

“I had eye strain and discomfort. I wanted to work but it was getting distracting,” Cindy said.

“I also had dry eyes and neck pain. I know computers are an issue. Before I got into insurance, I was hovering over a computer cart at the hospital,” she said.

A couple months ago, the strain became too much.

“I felt like my eyes were letting me down,” she said.

That’s when Cindy decided to visit BayState Eye Center.

Dr. Lynch performed an eye exam and noticed that Cindy’s eyes weren’t working together at all. They were misaligned. So Dr. Lynch recommended Neurolens.

Neurolens is new state-of-the-art technology that we offer at our Mansfield and Plymouth practices.

Here’s what Neurolens can help with:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Daily neck & back pain
  • Dry & irritated eyes
  • Eye strain

Think of Neurolens as “braces for your eyes”. The powerful prescription lens helps comfortably realign peoples’ eyes.

Cindy followed through with Dr. Lynch’s treatment plan – and her smile says it all.

neuro lens - her smile says it all

Her Smile Says It All

“I wear my Neurolens all the time! The strain is gone. My eyes feel more comfortable. I’m able to work long hours without any pain or discomfort,” Cindy said.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, perhaps Neurolens is the answer for you, too.

And don’t worry – If you usually go to our Bridgewater or Easton locations, and would like to take advantage of Neurolens, feel free to schedule an appointment at our Mansfield or Plymouth office!

It only takes a few clicks!