VIDEO: How we pick the perfect pair of glasses for you

The second half of our mission statement is to make sure our office offers the most up-to-date technologies and product options to provide your clearest vision, now and in the future. Today, we want to take a moment to focus on the “product options” part of that statement. As you know, we offer dozens of designer frames and lenses at our Mansfield and Plymouth offices.

Did you know there’s a little science behind selecting the perfect pair of glasses for you? When our team helps you choose the best option, we look at some very specific things that are unique to you. So we had Drew and Jenna shoot a 90-second video to show you what we're talking about. Drew is our awesome Optical Manager and Jenna is our amazing Apprentice Optician. Here they are together in Vegas - at the 2019 Vision Expo…


We want you to watch this short video right now…


Then we want you to come buy a perfect pair of glasses that make you feel better and look better! If you’d like to wait until your next eye exam to select a new pair of glasses, that’s cool, too. And yes, Drew may look familiar to you. We featured him in an email last summer, when he first joined our team. Turns out, he’s got the need for speed - he’s a race car champion! 

You can read his story right here.

Make sure you ask Drew about the perfect pair of glasses for YOU, during your next visit.

We hope to see you soon!

From all of us at BayState Eye Center,

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