Who needs bifocals when these exist?

Bifocals are out.


Progressives are in.




Because progressives are three-lenses-in-one.


They’re designed to give you the sharpest vision when it comes to close, intermediate, and far distances.


No lines.


No switching back-and-forth.


Driving is a lot easier.


Watching TV is a lot easier.


Even looking at your phone is a lot easier.



Progressive lenses provide:

  1. Convenience - multiple powers in one lens w/o switching glasses constantly
  2. Cosmetics - you don’t see any lines in the lens, like you do with bifocals
  3. Clarity - all-around vision is simply sharper













Here’s the best part - when you buy progressive lenses at BayState Eye Center, our expert opticians (like Drew) customize them to you and your lifestyle.



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Plain and simple, progressive lenses are higher-quality and designed specifically for today’s world.


Bifocals are so… not.


Ready to see better, look better, and feel better?


It’s easy.


Just give our office a call and schedule a time with one of our experienced licensed opticians for a custom fitting. Outside eyeglass prescriptions are also accepted, so tell your friends!