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We Offer More Than Meets the Eye in Mansfield and Plymouth, MA

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If you need an eye exam, a new pair of glasses or a laser vision evaluation, BayState Eye Center can take care of all your ocular needs.
Our locations in Mansfield and Plymouth, MA feature an array of eye care services, including:

List of Insurances for BayState Eye Center

It's important to receive routine care to maintain optimal vision and monitor the development of any potentially damaging conditions. Visit BayState Eye Center for all your eye care needs.
Boston Medical Center Healthnet
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United Healthcare
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Harvard Pilgrim
Allways Health Partners
Vision Service Plan (VSP)

All Purchases Help Those In Need

Our goal is to make your ocular services as easy as possible to obtain. If you need a prescription filled after an eye exam, we'll take care of it. If you need a new pair of glasses or contact lenses, we can help you with that, too. We also offer post-surgery care for Lasik patients. Call 508-339-7600 in Mansfield, MA or 508-747-2020 in Plymouth, MA today to maintain your vision.


Looking for something more than just another visit to the eye doctor?
If you choose BayState Eye Center, you get a whole lot more.
You will get a memorable experience and want to tell your friends.
You will enjoy the ease of scheduling an appointment without even picking up the phone.
You will have peace of mind knowing a staff filled with friendly faces puts your health first.
You will sleep better at night because you will get instant results from our high-tech exams.
No waiting and wondering, necessary.
You will look better and feel better.
Because we have dozens of designer frames and lenses to choose from . And it's stress-free because our expert opticians guide you through the process, step-by-step.
There's an actual science to selecting the right frame and lens - and our team aced science.
BayState Eye Center patients are also part of something bigger than themselves. They help people across the world, see better. Just ask us about our mission trips.
Are you ready to see what the BayState Eye Center experience is really all about?
Then it's time to schedule your first appointment right now... in just a few clicks.

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