Meet our new eye doctor!

Meet our new eye doctor!



We’d like you to meet Dr. Alexander Hentschel.


He grew up on the North Shore and currently lives in Boston with his long-term girlfriend. He’s actually close to earning a Master’s degree in Vision Science at the New England College of Optometry with research focused on myopia control.



Dr. Alexander Hentschel



Myopia, or nearsightedness, often begins when children are young - and it progresses with age. But Dr. Hentschel specializes in slowing that progression. So if you have children, and they’re having trouble with their vision, Dr. Hentschel is the person to see!


When he’s not learning how to perfect his craft and care for our loyal patients, Dr. Hentschel enjoys traveling and playing golf and soccer.


An unfortunate sports injury actually sparked his interest and passion for becoming an eye doctor.


When Dr. Hentschel was in 4th grade, he got hit directly in the eye with a tennis ball. It was a traumatic injury that required continuing care from his optometrist. His appreciation for the kind care he received, and curiosity of the craft, grew with each visit.


Over time, he developed a great relationship with his eye doctor. And when he was old enough, he began to shadow her at her office.


Those visits not only helped ease his eye pain - they exposed Dr. Hentschel’s true calling.


To him, becoming an optometrist was a no-brainer.


We’re excited he’s on our team and he’s excited to meet you!


As you know by now, we’re seeing patients once again - and we love it!


If you are due for an eye exam, tap this link to request an appointment.


Your health remains our top priority.


Here’s what we’re doing to keep you safe.



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P.S. Don’t forget to ask Dr. Hentschel about the foul ball he caught at his first Red Sox game when he was a kid. He even got to meet the player who hit it! Here’s a picture of Dr. Hentschel with his uncle before they left for that Sox game.



Dr. Hentschel & his uncle before his first Sox game

You can also ask him about his two-week tour of Italy and being the captain of his soccer team (once they start playing again)!