Scleral Lenses

Find an Alternative to Traditional Contact Lenses

Discover the possibilities of scleral lenses in Plymouth, Mansfield, or Bridgewater MA

Do you have visual discomfort, a corneal disease, dry eyes, or even just issues with wearing traditional contact lenses? Scleral lenses might be the answer for you. Scleral lenses are a specialty contact lens that helps patients see clearer when challenged with irregular shaped eyes, dry eyes, or surgical complications that make regular contact lens use difficult.   They are custom made for you! Give our office a call to see if scleral lenses are recommended for you.  BayState Eye Center offers custom-made scleral lenses for patients in our Plymouth, Mansfield, and Bridgewater, MA offices.

Scleral lenses are a great option for those with:

  • Dry eye syndrome: Scleral lenses have a space between their rear surface and the cornea, which holds tears and relieves discomfort.
  • Keratoconus: Scleral lenses fit an irregular eye shape more easily than many other lenses.
  • Surgical complications: These lenses suit eyes with unusually shaped corneas due to LASIK or other surgery.

To find out whether scleral lenses right for you, meet with an experienced optometrist at BayState Eye Center.